Our business is focused on sustainability
and we make it our mission to protect and 

preserve Sri Lanka’s national parks and reserves
for generations to come.

Our green mission

Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris is firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint, conserving the nature reserves in which we work and protecting the delicate balance of wildlife that thrives within them. Our aim is to give guests a unique and comfortable experience whilst on safari in Sri Lanka’s wildest regions that does not come as a sacrifice to Sri Lanka’s national parks.

Our campsites deeply respect our natural surroundings. Not a tree was felled when we set up our safari camps in Sri Lanka, and we have added greatly to the environment of our campsites by planting trees and shrubs local to the area. Our passion for both tracking and protecting Sri Lankan wildlife in their natural habitats is what makes us Sri Lanka’s number one safari operator.

Green Partnerships & Projects

We are actively involved in various environmental projects such as a tree planting campaign and are also supporting the local community, aiming to help the ones that need it the most.  In order to find out more about Sri Lanka’s spotted cats, we are assisting wildlife conservation organizations in their research by collecting vital information.

Green Power

Majority of our energy at the camp is renewable, being sourced from solar panels and a dual battery system in our safari jeeps, which charges a second battery while the jeeps are being used on safari. We also use solar water pumps and a solar powered heating system for the shower in the Luxury Lodge tent, creating minimal impact on the delicate environment.

Green Products

We are using eco-friendly and natural products and recycling or upcycling materials whenever possible. From our furniture over organic soaps, to stainless steel water bottles and reusing glass jars. 

Green Cuisine

Our food is locally sourced, which means that it is not only supporting the local community, but it is also reducing gas emissions and energy consumption caused by industrial farming and long-distance produce transportation. Help us save the environment, one bite at a time!