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Itinerary (for 2 nights)


As part of their all-inclusive package, every guest is welcome to join us for activities of their preference at camp, including guided nature walks, cooking classes, and our daily Safari Tours. 


Our safaris are driven by expert professionals who have deep respect of our surrounding environment and ensure minimal interference with the wildlife, allowing you to spot incredible animals such as the Serpent Eagle, Saltwater Crocs, Jackals and Mongoose, and of course the famous Sri Lankan Leopard.

You are picked up by your host at the pick-up point and driven to the Leopard Safaris campsite in our Toyota Land Cruiser.

Enjoy a delicious al-fresco lunch at the campsite and receive a short briefing and introduction from your host. Time to acclimatize and explore the campsite.

Head off for the evening game drive to be stunned by the natural beauty of the flora and fauna and on the lookout for Sri Lanka’s ‘Small 5000’.

Return to the camp; refresh yourself with a shower and enjoy some drinks from our jungle bar with unique snacks whilst your dinner is being freshly prepared for you.

Wine and dine under the stars. Have an unforgettable dinner in the jungle and sit with a drink by the campfire, swapping  stories about the amazing wildlife you have seen.

Arrival Day


12:00 -







(Optional: Morning Game Drive - You receive an early wake-up call and enjoy some refreshments, 05.30 Start morning game drive with picnic breakfast in the jungle, 10.00 return to camp.)

After waking up to the sounds of the jungle, enjoy a homemade Sri Lankan breakfast at the campsite.

Follow our naturalist on a walk through the nearby jungle, to look out for smaller wildlife, find footprints of the bigger one’s and learn about our local flora and fauna and leopard research programs. Help us to reduce your Carbon Footprint by planting a tree, which will continue to grow and clear the air over many years to come.

Free time until lunch. You can spend this time by relaxing, reading a (wildlife) book, bird watching, or joining one of our Sri Lankan cooking classes. We also offer various activities for children.

Enjoy your lunch and take some rest until the evening safari.

Evening game drive.

Time to refresh, gather at the bar and socialize with your host over dinner

Camp Day



(Optional: Additional Game Drive - wake up, 05.30 morning safari with picnic breakfast,  10.00 return to camp)

Wake up, watch the beautiful morning light at the campsite, breakfast


Departure Day










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Itinerary (for 2 nights)

Guided Nature Walks

Your guide will point out tiny insects and monkeys, the shoots and flowers of smaller plants and the tracks of animals on these easy walks. These small details often go unnoticed yet can sometimes be the most beautiful of all.

Bird Watching

Our campsites are alive with birdsong and the twitch of feathers. Observe them from a hammock or your tent’s front porch or simply listen to the blissful sound of birdsong from your bed. Our staff are knowledgeable about the species in our area, and we have plenty of bird books to help you identify what you see.

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Cooking Class

Sri Lankan food is a treat for the taste buds! If you’ve loved what you’ve tasted at Leopard Safaris and are interested in learning about Sri Lankan cuisine, why not try one of our campsite cooking classes? After learning the secrets of Sri Lanka’s little-known cuisine, we’re confident you’ll be able to surprise family and friends with a delicious Sri Lankan meal.

Relax with a book

With many a place to sit out under the shade of a tree, or by the pool, it’s hard to imagine

a more relaxing place to recline, read and relax.

After your game drive in Yala you could extend your knowledge of the parks’ wild

inhabitants by browsing our Wildlife Library!


Sithulpawwa Temple

Take a trip to the ancient Buddhist monastery of Sithulpawwa, a sacred rock temple located deep in the heart of Yala National Park with a history over 2200 years. This secluded and spectacular spot is an unbeatable place to watch a sunset over the jungle.

Green Activities

We encourage each of our guests to plant a tree during their stay at our campsites and get actively involved in our various up-cycling projects. Re-forestation is becoming critical,

and this is only a small step, but every tree planted is a help in protecting the planet. 

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