Our inclusive activities in and around our campsites
have been designed for guests of all ages and
to perfectly complement your safari in Sri Lanka

Sithulpawwa Temple

Take a trip to the ancient Buddhist monastery of Sithulpawwa, a sacred rock temple located deep in the heart of Yala National Park. This secluded and spectacular spot is an unbeatable place to watch a sunset over the jungle.

Star gazing

Yala and Wilpattu’s unpolluted open skies are ideal for viewing the night sky’s constellations.  Dining alfresco under a blazing ceiling of a thousand stars is a very memorable experience at our Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris camps.

Guided nature walks

Your guide will point out tiny insects and monkeys, the shoots
and flowers of smaller plants and the tracks of animals
on these easy walks. These small details often go 

unnoticed yet can sometimes be the most beautiful of all.

Relaxing with a good book

With hammocks strung up around our campsites beneath the boughs of swaying trees, it’s hard to imagine a more relaxing place to recline, read and relax. After your game drive in Yala or Wilpattu you could extend your knowledge of the parks’ wild inhabitants by browsing our wildlife library.

Amateur photography class

Stroll through the campsite with one of our wildlife photography experts to learn how to get the most out of your camera. They’ll teach you a few tips and tricks to ensure that your photos match your safari experience in quality.

Drinks near the campfire

Gather under the starry sky in the evening and sip your

favourite tipple from our international jungle bar.
Surrounded by nature’s sights and sounds, and seated
in the warm romantic glow of the campfire, it’s hard
not to feel enchanted by the unique experience
of camping in Sri Lanka’s wilderness.

Bird watching

Our campsites fringing Sri Lanka’s finest national parks are alive with birdsong and the twitch of feathers. Observe them from a hammock or your tent’s front porch or simply listen to the blissful sound of birdsong from bed. Our wildlife library has plenty of bird books to help you identify what you see.

Animal identification

Our checklists make it easy to identify the wildlife that you spot on your jeep safari. Just ask your safari host and they will be happy to sit down and go over your safari sightings with you so that you know exactly what you have seen.

Cooking Classes

Sri Lankan food is a treat for the taste buds and if you’ve
loved what you’ve tried at Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris
and are interested in learning about Sri Lankan cuisine,
why not try one of our campsite cooking classes?
After learning the secrets of Sri Lanka’s little-known
cuisine, we’re confident you’ll be able to surprise family 
and friends with a delicious Sri Lankan meal.

All of our activities are offered free of charge, however please note that cooking classes and photography lessons are subject to availability and should be booked in advance.

But that is not all

We are ready to make your stay as special as possible. See what you can do in our camp with your children or how can you enjoy your honeymoon with us.