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Yala Safari Experience

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Safari Tour

The Leopard Safari team works not only hard to provide our guests with the best hospitality and level of service, but also to protect Sri Lanka’s delicate ecosystems and the wide range of wildlife that lives within them.

Our team consists of hand-selected wildlife experts and nature lovers who will create a wholesome unforgettable, educational experience for all our visitors.

Family Safari

We take our Eco Mission seriously, with various aspects of our experience leaving the lightest footprint possible. Each guest is encouraged to take part in tree planting campaign, we use renewable energy and solar panels, upcycled and eco-friendly products at camp, dual battery systems on our jeeps, and are involved in projects with our local community, as well as other locations around the country.

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Leopard Safaris’ sustainable eco-practices, personalised levels of service, highly experienced guides, innovative approach and penchant for quality have earned the company rave reviews on TripAdvisor as well as worldwide recognition in the Media & Press

Campsite Gallery

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