Frequently Asked Questions

Can we definitely see leopards? 

Yala Block 1 – where we run our Yala safaris - has one of the highest densities of leopards in the world, so there is no better place on earth to see leopards. This being said, there is no guarantee in the wild. We cannot promise you a leopard sighting, but your best chances of one are in Yala

Is the Sri Lankan leopard a subspecies?

Yes, the Sri Lankan Leopard (panthera pardus kotiya) is a subspecies, and it is actually the largest leopard in the wild

Why is it easy to see leopards in Sri Lanka?

Because in Sri Lanka they are the top predator (because there are no tigers, lions or cheetahs they have to hide from)

What is the best time to see wildlife?

Sunrise and sunset are the best times to spot wildlife. That is why we have game drives in the early morning and evening

Why don’t the Sri Lankan elephants have tusks?

Only 6% of male Asian elephants have tusks, which is why it is rare to spot a tusker in Sri Lank

Is it safe to leave the tent at night?

Yes, if you need to use the restroom during the night it is fine to leave your tent as long as you use the flashlight we provide you with, switch on the solar light inside the restroom and do not wander off around the campsite. Our campsite is also marked out with fire lanterns that burn throughout the night to protect our perimeters

What should we wear on the safari?

Light clothing in natural colors is best for the safaris. A jumper for the early morning drive can also be useful as sometimes it can be a little chilly. Don’t worry too much about shoes, flip flops will do just fine since you will be in the jeep the whole tim

I’m traveling with children; will it be too boring for them?

We find that children generally enjoy their stay at the camp as much as adults. We run a range of activities aimed at children within the camp, from helping older children to get the most out of their cameras, to getting younger children to try and identify wildlife for themselves. Experiencing the jungle during both the night and the day can be a fascinating and educational experience for kids and we try to make it as fun as possible for them

Which park is best for seeing leopards?

Yala and Wilpattu are the best spots to see leopards

What is the difference between Yala and Wilpattu?

Yala is a long-established safari destination with one of the highest densities of leopards in the world. Wilpattu, on the other hand, is virtually off-the-beaten track for tourists. The numbers of leopards within the park are still unknown, but there is a large sloth bear population and the lack of crowds leads to almost private viewings of the wildlife. The topography of Wilpattu is quite different to Yala also, with Wilpattu being made up of a web of lakes. These water sources appeal to different types of wildlife and birds than the types that you will find in the dry lowlands of Yala. Both Yala and Wilpattu are different experiences that are equally enjoyable

What is the maximum number of people in each jeep?

The maximum number of people in each jeep is 6. If you would like to have a jeep all to yourself we can arrange this at an additional cost

What is the maximum number of people in the camp?

Usually we do not have more than 12 people in our camp, except under special circumstances. For groups traveling together we can accommodate up to 16 people if required

Is the transport from the airport or Colombo included?

We do not include transportation to the park in our package. Our package starts and ends at the pick up point. However, we can give transport recommendations or help you to arrange this if needed

Are there any do’s and don’ts whilst on safari?

Don’t wander off by yourself, don’t wear perfume or perfumed products as the smells can really affect the animals, do have fun

Are we allowed to smoke at the campsite?

No, we promote our camps as non-smoking camps