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We offer more than simply luxurious accommodation in the jungle, with hands-on and educational activities as part of your all-inclusive package to add to the whole experience. Learn more about our Safari Experience.

Leopard Safaris by KK Collection

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Our exciting eco wilderness camps are on the cusp of Sri Lanka’s stunning Yala and Wilpattu National Parks. These are two of the best reserves which offer a large variety of wildlife spotting for your safari adventure.

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Leopard Safaris Yala

Our picturesque Leopard Safari Yala campsite is situated in a nature-filled location of over 12 acres of private land, and has been landscaped in keeping with its natural setting.  The site comprises of dry zone forest, which shades the tents and keep the temperature within them cool. Hammocks and jungle chairs are strung up between them, inviting relaxation and welcome respite from the hot sun

Leopard Safaris Wilpattu

Our Wilpattu campsite is located on the picturesque outskirts of the national park, complementing the serene setting. We chose this particular location for its natural beauty, airy open spaces making it ideal for wildlife spotting and the fringe areas of dry-zone forest, which shade the tents from the heat of the midday sun. We put great value on sustainable and eco-friendly tourism practices at our Leopard Safari camps whilst bringing you a unique and memorable safari experience.