Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris offers camps
near two different national parks – Yala and Wilpattu

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the island’s premier wildlife reserve, home to leopards, sloth bears, elephants, crocodiles and birds. Our picturesque Yala campsite is situated in a nature-filled location just a stone’s throw from the park boundary, and has been landscaped in keeping with its natural setting.  The site comprises dry zone forest, which shade the tents and keep the temperature within them cool. Hammocks and jungle chairs are strung up between them, inviting relaxation and welcome respite from the hot sun. 

This close to the national park, there is no lack of wildlife inside the camp and you can expect to wake up to the sound of tropical birdsong every morning. The trees are also home to monkeys and squirrels, and the grounds alive with reptiles such as frogs and prehistoric-looking monitor lizards. Sometimes, elephants can be spied on the edge of the park’s boundary.

Given its isolation, the camp is blissfully quiet. At dusk, the sky is stained red as the sun sets before giving way to an unpolluted ceiling of sparkling stars.

Our Yala camp offers double, triple and family-style tents and is also home to our Luxury Lodge Tent. Common areas include a lounge tent furnished with comfortable chairs and cushions, and a kitchen for cookery demonstrations. Since the end of December 2017 the camp also features an eco pool, that offers the great opportunity to refresh after an adventurous day in the park. 

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is an extremely beautiful reserve to the northwest of the island, and offers excellent leopard, sloth bear and bird-spotting opportunities. Our Wilpattu campsite, located on the picturesque outskirts of the national park, compliments this serene setting, and was chosen for its natural beauty, airy open spaces ideal for wildlife spotting and fringing areas of dry-zone forest, which shade the tents from the heat of the midday sun. 

Our campsite is as isolated as it gets, and perfect for your safari stay. You can expect to hear only the sounds of infinite nature around you; tropical birdsong waking you from sleep every morning, crickets lulling you to sleep at night, and monkeys hooting as they crash through the tree canopies above.

Thanks to such a remote location the air at the campsite is fresh. On a cloudless day you can wake up to a spectacular sunrise reflecting in the lake and nod off beneath a plethora of star constellations in the dark night’s sky.

Our Wilpattu camp offers double, triple and family-style tents. Common areas include a lounge tent furnished with comfortable chairs and cushions.