5 Leopards in a Row!

25. January 2015

We surely hit the jackpot on our most recent safari in Yala, when we spotted and managed to capture 5 almost adult leopards together. The leopards of this unusual sighting, which might well be a world record, could be identified as a mother with her 4 almost fully grown cubs.

A leopard mother usually gives birth to 1 to 5 leopard cubs, and their chance of surviving up to adulthood in Sri Lanka is 45%. Seeing those 5 leopards together is a clear sign for the incredible hunting and protecting skills of the mother, who is raising the cubs all on her own. Now that the cubs have reached an age of almost 2 years, they will soon be leaving her and starting to look for their own territories. Who knows, maybe it was their way of saying goodbye?

See the video of all 5 leopards together here: