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AIESEC students visit

25. August 2016

Hosting AIESEC volunteers – Explore Sri Lanka 9.0

AISEC is an international student-run organisation, presently in 126 countries, helping talented students to gain valuable experience by working and volunteering internationally, as well as exchange their experience with other students in a global network.

In the ‘Explore Sri Lanka’ project of University of Kelaniya, 25 selected students from all over the world are volunteering to take part in a community development project for Sri Lankan tourism.

The international students travel lesser known, yet attractive locations all over Sri Lanka, trying to devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism in alignment with the ‘8th Sustainable Development Goal’ of the United Nations. Target is to create long-term job opportunities for locals and to promote the local culture and products towards economic development through tourism. In addition, students have the opportunity to capture their experience and show-case in a final photo exhibition.

We at Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris are proud to be able to support students, amongst them some who might not have the opportunity to travel the world otherwise, by hosting them at our Yala camp. This will hopefully help them to gain exposure and acquire experiences that will help them to develop skills beneficial for their future careers.

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