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Green Partnerships & Projects

Leopard Project: 

We are currently assisting the Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT) with their ‘Spotting the Spots’ initiative, which forms part of The Leopard Project. 

By our camp leaders and visitors sharing photographs and sightings of leopards, researchers can identify individual leopards and determine any changes in population statistics. This method of data collating has been successfully managed in a number of projects across the world and is of particular importance as it accounts for periods where researchers are absent from the park. 

For more information on this initiative and how your data could contribute to vital ongoing long term research,  please click here.

Sri Lankan Wildlife Department

We support the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department (SLWD) by keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour or poaching within Sri Lanka’s national parks.

Hunting poses a massive threat to Sri Lankan wildlife and we at Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris are doing everything we can to stop these barbaric practices and do our best to protect our animals and

Lennie The Leopard

Our photos were used in the book Lennie the Leopard, which was written by Jan Latta, an author dedicated to developing wildlife and conservation education for children through true-to-life stories of endangered animals.

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