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Green Products

Use of natural materials

We use natural and recycled materials wherever possible; these include the coconut fiber carpets in our lounge and the Palmyra leaves that carpet the roof. Most of the wood used in the construction and furnishing of our campsites is either rejected timber or off-cuts; our Luxury Lodge Tent brandishes recycled furniture, which gives it a one-of-a-kind look.

Organic soaps and shampoos

The organic toiletries we offer are 100 percent natural and have been carefully selected to ensure that they do not damage our precious environment nor the wildlife living therein. Commercial soaps and shampoos are often packed full of harsh chemicals that may harm our environment. 

Reusing and Up-cycling

To cut down on all non-biodegradable materials we try to replace those by reusable items and more sustainable alternatives. Examples are empty jam jars that we use as drinking glasses, stainless steel water bottles that we provide instead of plastic ones, and coconut fiber and wooden toilet brushes. 

As an Up-Cycling project we are using our empty wine bottles to construct a half-wall for our lounge and as part of our staff accommodation.

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