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Helping Local Families to Make A Living

15. February 2015

We at Leopard Safaris are not only interested in the well-being of animals, but also in the welfare of Sri Lanka’s citizens. Thus we were pleased to support some members of the local communities near Yala National Park with a special project:

We recently provided some families with new metal sheets for their house roofs in order to improve their living conditions. One of them is Sheela and Tudor, two retired farmers who live in a run-down house between Yala Park and Kataragama town.

Here you can see Sheela’s and Tudor’s house with the old roof

Leopard Safaris team donating new roofing sheets

Both have been living there for the past 15 years after they had sold their farm and decided to make a living from a less strenuous job. Thanks to their knowledge of plants and herbs, they were able to start growing Beli Mal, also known as Golden Apple, and selling Beli Mal tea to passersby. It is a very popular tisane drank in the hot areas of the country as it quenches thirst and reduces body heat, among its properties. Occasionally we stop at the small shop to treat our clients to a cup of Beli Mal drink so that they can enjoy the healthy beverage.

Some of our clients enjoying Beli Mal tea

Most of our customers are very interested in helping them and glad to gain insight into parts of the Sri Lankan culture. Sheela and Tudor were happy about receiving the panels on New Year’s Day.

At this point we wish to express our most heartfelt thanks to those of our clients who donated money to this cause.

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