New Eco Pool in our Yala Camp

23.January 2018

We are very happy to announce following great news: After working on it for several months and right on time for Christmas, we were able to launch our newest addition to our Yala camp - our new Eco Pool enables our guests to cool off and take a refreshing dip after adventurous hours in the wild.

Placed in a very central location in our camp, it is surrounded by a lush green setting, with heaps of monkeys playing around in the treetops. The pool and its surroundings are an oasis of solitude for our guests. See for yourself. 

Saltwater and recycled/upcycled materials

To stay true to our values and our green mission, new innovations in our camps always have to be pondered upon carefully. The same we did, when it came to determining what kind of pool we want to have. In the end, we decided to install a pool with saltwater. The healing powers of sea water are undisputed. As a result, the water is much more gentler on skin and eyes - and provides a rejuvenating experience. 

The natural environment is very important to us.  Consequently, we used recycled and upcycled materials to construct the surroundings of the pool (including the deck) in a sustainable manner,

Satisfying our customers

During the last few weeks the first customers were able to enjoy this great new facility. The feedback was great. They loved to relax in the pool after lunch to escape the heat. We are looking forward to having many more guests who take a refreshing bath in the jungle!  

You want to experience this great new feature in our Yala Camp? 
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