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Tree Planting campaign

CO2 created by travels

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a climate-changing greenhouse gas and considered the most significant greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere leading to global warming. In the last decades, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen enormously, and a major factor is transportation

Particularly aviation plays a big role, as airplanes emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Since air travel is growing rapidly in recent years, there is also no end in sight to a rapid growth in CO2 emissions from air travel.

At a flight from Europe to Sri Lanka and back, each passenger generates approximately between 700 and 1500kg of CO2.

If you want to calculate the exact amount of your flights, visit

Offset your carbon footprint

At Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris, we offer the unique possibility to offset the carbon dioxide produced by your travels, simply by planting a tree!

Trees can fix and neutralize CO2 through photosynthesis, and also provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe. Among all plants, trees are seen as the most efficient ‘carbon sinks’ to sequester CO2. One mature tree can sequester more than 100kg of CO2 per year and produce enough oxygen to support two human beings.

These are not the only positive impacts of trees:

Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leavesTree roots stabilize soil and prevent erosionTrees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rainwater, as well as protecting aquifers and watershedsTrees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animalsTrees reduce noise and the dust level in the air.

Therefore, we give every guest the possibility to plant one tree during his stay in our camps. By this, the CO2 from your travels can be offset and you help us with the reforestation of the Sri Lankan jungle. We plant only trees native to the specific area, for example Monkey Pod, Tamarind, Golden Rain Trees and Margosa Trees.


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