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Wild Honeymoon

Our wilderness camps are ideal for a honeymoon destination in Sri Lanka with a romantic, unique and exciting adventure in the country’s wildest locations.


Set amidst a backdrop of lush jungle, our tents are hidden amidst foliage and our spacious grounds provide many idyllic places for private destination candlelit dining a-deux.

Starlit Dining

Our honeymoon tents are pitched in absolute seclusion, ensuring total privacy for occupants and allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the endless beauty of the wild. For the ultimate wilderness indulgence on your Sri Lankan honeymoon, we recommend our hidden Luxury Lodge Tent, which offers complete exclusivity, a romantic four-poster bed, air conditioning and an ensuite bathroom with an open-air rain shower.

Sleep in Seclusion

As we aim to be the best places for couples in Sri Lanka, we offer private dining at our camps set up to be unashamedly romantic. As you dine by candlelight next to a glowing bonfire, tucking into mouth-watering, home-cooked cuisine, we’ll serve you drinks but let nature be your host: listen to the rhythmic percussion of crickets and insects melodiously serenaded by the bass tones of croaking frogs and soprano owls as you sip wine in the deep blue haze of the jungle moonlight.

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