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Our ‘off-the-beaten track’ campsite is just a stone-throw away from Wilpattu National Park

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The camp resides only 6km from the Park entrance, in a remote location with a beautiful stream nearby.

Wilpattu Location.png


Wilpattu National Park

Galkadawala Road, Katukeliyawa 50200

Nochiyagama to the south west of Wilpattu National Park is the nearest town to our Wilpattu camp, residing only 35km away from Anuradhapura, part of the Cultural Triangle.

Public transport is available to the nearest town, however, the easiest way to arrive at our eco Wilpattu Safari camp is to travel by car with your own personal driver. We’ll provide directions to your driver to our pickup point before your arrival, where our team will be waiting to transfer you to our camp. If you haven’t arranged a car and driver we would be happy to do so on your behalf. We can also assist you in chartering a seaplane or helicopter if you’d like to arrive more comfortably and in style.

Please note our camps are a boutique set up, so we do not have facilities to accommodate drivers in our safari camps. However we can arrange your driver’s stay in a local guest house, if required.
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