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Watch the Yala Experience


Our picturesque Leopard Safari Yala campsite is situated in a nature-filled location of over 12 acres of private land, and has been landscaped in keeping with its natural setting.  The site comprises of dry zone forest, which shades the tents and keep the temperature within them cool. Hammocks and jungle chairs are strung up between them, inviting relaxation and welcome respite from the hot sun.


At our Yala camp, our Accommodation includes the famous Luxury Lodge Tents to glamp in style, as well as our Classic Mobile Tents for an authentic camping experience.


Our camp’s Location is right on the border of Yala National Park.  This close to the national park, there is no lack of wildlife inside the camp and you can expect to wake up to the sound of tropical birdsong every morning. The trees are also home to monkeys and squirrels, and the grounds alive with reptiles such as frogs and prehistoric-looking monitor lizards. Sometimes, elephants can be spied on the edge of the park’s boundary.

Make sure you visit us at both Yala & Wilpattu campsites, as each location offers a unique experience in the Sri Lankan jungle!